Friends: there are a complicated lot huh? Having the right/wrong friends….your “best” friends and the endless debates on what makes a good friend.

Me? I tend to love my friends to death. Yes that does result sometimes in me getting hurt but frankly I’d rather have a few friendships that end up like that than keep my distance from everyone and not share the joy of friendship.

I have truly the greatest friends a girl could ask for. I know EVERYONE probably says this but it’s true. They are crazy, loony, and lovable and I don’t want to imagine life without them. Who else would tell me flatly to “get over it” and not sound like a complete bitch? Who else would poke random objects and say “shiny” in a retarded voice? Who else would plague my life out by saying random things like “you cutlet!!” and “booyaka?” who else would be so smart and leave me bewildered by how super-human his aptitude is? Who else would have the love life worth of Brooke in “Bold and the Beautiful”; remind me crazily of Rachel from “Friends”? Who else would out up with my whinging at all hours of the day and night?

I swear I love these guys. They have seen me through heart-breaks and tears. We have hung out in The Commons Coffee Shop a million times and snapped pictures more. And yes I know in less than a year we will probably part ways select the route we are taking on the drive of life. And while we pour over our maps and plan our journeys….I think we can agree that this has been one hell of a pit stop and moving on will be hard.

So before we fill up our fuel tanks and start our engines. Before we face roadblocks we may never get around, and before we forget the times we spent together. I just wanna say I love y’all, and when I feel like the whole world is against me... thanks for being on my side.



D-Man said…
my god thats some crazy blogging

xoxo Demian
Kim said…
I see my fav blogger just added a new post:) amazing:D keep it up sharanya ^_^
Anonymous said…

great you've started blogging :P
haha something tells me I'm going to be checking this often :P

welcome to the blogosphere :D
if you're wondering who the fuck I am I guess my blog would answer that :P

The first step to getting new people to your blog, blogrolls :D
basically you add other blogs that you visit to your LINKS and then get them to add your blog to theirs and then you get new visitors and meet new people (:
Kulani said…
we love you too shara:)
sharanya said…
hey st fallen...thanx for checking this out and the tips!! great way to make a new blogger feel welcome :)

kulz...:) u guessed the refrence t you ;) mwahz babes.

Anonymous said…
I just added you to my blogroll
figured out who I am yet? :P
sharanya said…
thanx! and yes shockingly :) hello there my friend
Anonymous said…
hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......... love this post but i wont b there for another year no men :( u havn t mentioned me no :( sniff sniff n dont call me querida plssssssssssssssssss i beg uu
*sigh* child calm down i wnt call u querida...:) although i REALLY wanna :P
I did SO mention you!! well you are more of a mix of 'say random things' and 'super smart' :)
and i will miss you next year too... MY last year *sigh*.
glad u liked the post..this one is actually the personal fav...hehe shh dnt tell the others :P
did you check ou the short story?

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