From Another's Blog: My Special Place

(So more sharing of other people's work. Poetry this time from Mr Wasaam Ismail. Anyone who reads this with regularity *cough*my mother*cough, will remember the review of 'What If' I did in 2011, a play that he wrote, directed and starred in. I couldn't find his blog to link you guys, but eh hopefully it'll turn up somewhere. I love this piece for its unexpectedness, the first few lines goes one way and it ends in totally a different way. I love writing that surprises me)

My Special Place

If you wish to smile, make it big beautiful and worth it
I’ll smile with you. in the moment, with love lets clothe it
If you want to say hi, say it loud, say it clear
I’ll say hello, and let’s share a moment of cheer
If you feel like looking, take a minute to look deep
Keep your eyes open, false judgments could creep
Shake my hand, but don’t clinch it too hard
Don’t show me signs of doubt; it could ruin our great start
Pat my back, put your arms around me
Sit next to me; blow me! I’m your homie!
I turn around, I can’t see,
Take advantage of that, shame on me
Perfection. Don’t have. No need
Be true to yourself, all else shall lead
People, they come, people, they go
Some give you scars, others give you hope
But if you are that person, who’s looking for some space
I’ll give you shelter, in my special place.


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